We know just how much people are struggling with the cost of living, so we do all we can to manage our budgets responsibly and to keep council tax as low as possible. We stay focused on ensuring we are efficient and effective with your money, spending wisely and investing sensibly, always protecting the most vulnerable.

But we can do more with the money we have. Every year, we spend millions on delivering for our residents, supporting vulnerable adults and children, and working to make Ealing a fairer and sustainable place to live.

This money can, and should, be leveraged for the benefit of our residents and local small businesses, not big corporations and billionaires in tax havens. Councils are uniquely positioned to use our buying power to create an economy that works for and includes all our residents.

This means building wealth within the community by ensuring everything the council does and every contract we sign contributes to making ​Ealing a fairer, greener place to live and work. This includes making it easier Ealing businesses, who do the right thing by paying the London Living Wage, to bid for our contracts.

We have committed to being an open, transparent and inclusive council. Our services, from parking to housing enquiries, must be responsive and accessible to all residents, regardless of their digital access.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our services adapted rapidly to providing services online. We must preserve that responsiveness and accessibility, but ensure we do not leave any residents behind.

We will continue to be a responsible, efficient and ethical council that is fit for the 21st century. We have introduced one of the most ambitious and far reaching social value programmes in the country, and we are determined to continue putting residents at the heart of our financial decisions.


  1. Keep council tax low and help families with the cost of living.
  2. We will campaign for reliable long-term funding for local government, fighting for money we need from central government to keep up with ever growing demand, and stop the constant attack on public services by the Tories nationally.
  3. Be an open, transparent, and inclusive council, expanding the range of services available instantly and around the clock by making them online, accessible and responding quickly and effectively when things go wrong.
  4. Maintain our support for the most vulnerable, expanding our Council Tax Support Scheme to ensure those who cannot afford to pay are protected from tax.
  5. Work with credit unions to establish a West London Mutual Bank to support access to affordable credit, support social enterprise, and provide a route for every child turning 11 in the Borough to have the opportunity to open a savings account, and campaigning for the powers we need to squeeze out high-cost credit and modern loan-sharks.
  6. We will use our spending power in Ealing and beyond to encourage better pay, workplace representation, terms and conditions for workers, local small and medium sized businesses, Black, Asian & minority ethnic owned businesses as well as supporting new social and cooperative enterprise.
  7. Retain, use and take control of new council land and buildings, ensuring that we hold onto vital public assets and buildings, and use them for the maximum benefit for the residents of our borough, keeping them in public hands for public use.
  8. Introduce a Public Service Guarantee, curbing the wasteful outsourcing of vital public services to the private sector, and seek to bring more public services back under local authority control for the benefit of residents, delivering genuine value for taxpayer money.
  9. Lead London’s return to a new, flexible, and agile way of working at the Council and within the wider public sector, encouraging collaboration, creativity, and work-life balance, whilst boosting morale and productivity as well as ensuring that we pay fair salaries to all our staff and end pay gaps that disproportionately impact women and Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.
“The services that we provide and the financial decisions that we take as a Council affect all aspects of people’s lives. We must use our council services to their fullest potential to ensure that we deliver the best outcomes for residents" Cllr Steve Donnelly - Cabinet Member for Inclusive Economy
Cllr Steve Donnelly - Cabinet Member for Inclusive Economy
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